English-speaking children are very lucky to have access to the most wonderful story books, where the breadth of subject matter, the illustrations and the way in which ideas are presented are valuable tools for entertaining, consoling, inspiring and educating them.
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There is no better way to help a child attain a lasting sense of self-worth than via stories in their own language. However, in the course of our volunteer work in various parts of Asia we have discovered that it is often hard to find interesting books, with relevant messages, for underprivileged children in their own language.

We have also discovered that it is very often children who can best inspire other children.

With this in mind, Matthew Rickard and Annabel Moore decided to put together this project to help underprivileged children in Asia get reading.

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Matthew wrote a children’s short story, The Animal Races, and Annabel took it to international schools in Singapore and asked children to illustrate it.  The result was a fabulous array of water colour designs, from children aged between 7 to 12 years.

The Animal Races is the first story to be uploaded onto this site, and it has been translated here into 7 different Asian languages.  Charities, NGOs and individuals in Asia – anyone in fact, who works to assist in the education of children in developing countries – are being invited to read this story, or download and print, for free.  We hope that in time we can get large print outs distributed to children not lucky enough to have access to the Internet.

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